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Red Box automotive Products - 24v

24 V battery units

Larger 24v units are available on our 12/24v section

The Red Box range of 24v automotive start units are built to the same standard as our Military and Aviation units. Units are available in both pure lead and lithium versions. The lithium units are slightly more expensive but if weight is an issue then these units are the answer.

All our units come with a separate charger, assuring the life of your pack. As it’s the battery pack that’s in constant use, keeping the charger separate protects the more fragile electronic components, promoting the units’ reliability and longevity. The units also come with a 2 meter heavy duty lead which allows you to place the unit on the floor or in the foot well when being used. The inbuilt LED digital voltmeter will ensure you always know the status of the pack. When the batteries within the unit finally come to the end of their life, simply contact a Red Box distributor for a replacement set, all batteries are designed to be easily replaceable.




Manufactured to Military and Aviation standards, ensuring the highest possible build quality, this high powered 24v unit has been designed to start 24v diesel engines

model specifications
Engine Size Up to 14 litres
Voltage 24v
Peak Amps(max short circuit) 1800
Capacity 18Ah
Charger 2.5 amp Multi stage, inelegant charger for prolonged battery life (leave on charge all the time)
Recharge time from 50% 4 Hours
Voltage Status LED Digital Voltmeter
Dimensions 400 x 234 x 180mm
Weight 20 kg
Cable 2 metre ultra flexible copper lead
Protection Surge protection and reverse polarity warning
Case Aluminium
Trolley Optional
download specifications sheet
  • Separate charger for extended pack life
  • 2m lead for ease of use
  • LED status display
  • Stainless Steal Case
  • High quality crocodile clips
  • Built to Aviation and Military Specification
Larger 24v units are available on our 12/24v section
* Guarantee does not cover battery cells and charger
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